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Trayceram® zirconia beads consist of the partially stabilized zirconia material developed by Toray Industries Inc. and is excellent in pulverization, dispersion and continuous stability.


  • High purity: There is very little possibility of contamination with impurities such as Fe2O3, SiO2, and MgO affecting the properties of dispersed materials.
  • High strength: Depending on the high strength of tetragonal zirconia ceramics, breakage or fracture occur few.
  • High precision: Few presence of irregular shaped beads such as oval beads or dumbbell -shaped beads leads to the higher efficiency of pulverization and dispersion.
  • High density: The highest density of all ceramics materials (over 6.0) achieves high efficiency of pulverization and dispersion.
  • No contamination: High wear resistance minimizes the contamination of pulverized or dispersed materials with beads.
  • High toughness: The fracture toughness is more than 5 times greater than that of alumina, which is on the highest level in the industry.
  • High wear resistance: Smooth surface and wear resistance bring the stability and efficiency of production.

Physical comparison

@ Torayceram®
Zircon Grass
Density@g/cm³ 6.0 3.8 2.5
Bulk density@g/cm³ 3.6 2.6 1.6
Hardness@Hv 1200 900 600
Abrasion resistant  › ’
Variant  ’ ›
Beads forms  › ›
Granular distribution  ’ ›

Typical applications

Torayceram(R) beads and balls can be used in grinding and dispersing applications. Also microgrinding and microdispersing efficiency has been achieved in micro media size.
Typical applications are as follows.

  • Electronic components (Ceramic capacitor, Thermistor, Varistor)
  • Electronic materials (LCD color paste, PDP glass paste, CMP slurry etc.)
  • Inorganic powder such as ceramics
  • Magnetic coating materials (VTR, Audio, Computer recording media)
  • Ink, Pigment, Pain
  • Heat sensitive materials
  • Food additives
  • Others

Standard size of beads

ƒ³0.03mm*, ƒ³0.05mm* , ƒ³0.1mm , ƒ³0.2mm , ƒ³0.3mm , ƒ³0.4mm , ƒ³0.5mm , ƒ³0.65mm , ƒ³0.8mm , ƒ³1.0mm , ƒ³1.25mm , ƒ³1.5mm , ƒ³1.75mm , ƒ³2.0mm , ƒ³2.35mm , ƒ³2.5mm ƒ³3.0mm , ƒ³4.0mm , ƒ³5.0mm , ƒ³10mm
*For size less than ƒ³0.05mm, please contact us.

HIP Processed Beads

HIP processing is a technology of sintering beads and balls in inactive gas atmosphere (like nitrogen), with pressure applied on them. HIP processing increases crushing strength. We can offer HIP-processed items for every size of Torayceram(R) beads. With this processing, their color of appearance becomes dark gray.

Chemical composition

The material of Torayceram(R) beads and balls is mainly tetragonal zirconia made from zirconium oxide to which yttrium oxide is added, achieving the highest strength of all ceramics materials. Furthermore, they are almost free from contamination of impurities such as SiO2, Fe2O3 and MgO.

@Material Composition ratio (wt%)
ZrO2(+HfO2) 94.75±0.60
Y2O3 4.90±0.50
Al2O3 0.30±0.10
Fe2O3 0.01
SiO2 0.01
TiO2 0.01
Na2O 0.01
MgO 0.01


Toray is constantly progressing into new frontiers of advanced materials, backed by its long experience and superior technical know-how in the fields of synthetic fibers and plastics.
Torayceram® ceramics materials with high performance are one successful achievement of Toray's wide-range material development technology.

Toray initiated the Ceramics Department in 1981, starting with the development of synthetic technology for zirconia powder. Since then, we have focused on the development and the marketing of various zirconia products including oxygen sensors, cutters for textile machines, and beads for pulverization and dispersion, as well as the mass-production of zirconia powder. Now we are handling the wide range of materials in addition to zirconia, and their applications are also becoming more various. The ceramics materials we handle and the products of these fine ceramics are collectively called as Torayceram®.

These high performance and multi-function ceramics materials are produced by Toray's original technology starting from the synthesis of powder materials to forming, sintering and final processing of the products. Torayceram® has assorted variety of ceramics materials. Torayceram® includes such products of fine ceramics as zirconia (ZrO2), alumina (Al2O3), silicon carbide (SiC) and silicon nitride (Si3N4). Toray is expanding the potential use of Torayceram® to meet the needs of customers.

The Production Process of Torayceram(R) : The technology To Toray

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