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Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

We live under the shadow of beautiful and abundant nature. We have a key responsibility as an individual person or enterprise to conserve nature for the sake of next generation. In accordance with our management philosophy defining us as an organization to contribute to the society through business, we are engaged in any trial in all aspects of our business activity to improve environment of the earth, to conserve natural resources and to prevent environmental pollution.

Environmental Policy

As a company for solution or a technically specialized trading firm in the field of nonferrous metal, we are engaged in business of which core is to propose solution concerning metallic material & processing. In point of business activity, goods and service, we take action for environmental improvement and conservation to reduce environmental load.

  1. We are always aware of environmental aspect, try to take preventive measure of pollution, set specific environmental objective & target and try particularly to save energy, to minimize waste and to recycle it as much as possible technically and economically.
  2. We keep proposing aggressively environment-friendly material & process method to customer.
  3. We comply with applicable legal requirement and other requirements to which we subscribe which relate to its environmental aspects.
  4. We confirm progress, review environmental target and continually improve at annual EMS meeting in accordance with the Environmental Management System.
  5. We provide all employees with environmental education.
  6. We have this Environmental Policy documented and familiarize all employees with the Policy.
  7. We make this Environmental Policy available to the public.

October 1, 2004
Mitani Shoji Co., Ltd.
Keiichi Mitani, President

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