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We provide customer with most competitive metallic materials and processed parts (surface treatment, stamping, heat treatment, etc.) locally available near to production site of the customer, utilizing our own global network.
Particularly in China, Mitani Shoji (China) Co., Ltd and Mitani Electronic Material (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. are the ones who propose and supply to customer metallic materials and processed parts. The roles of both companies are to inspect factory of manufacturer on behalf of the customer and to assure quality of the product to be built in at the site of production.
Our proposal is submitted to customer at the stage of design & development so that cost & quality are built in the product by the customer from the beginning.

■Mitani Shoji(China) Co., Ltd

0188 Donghua Park,
Nanhai Av. Nanshan District,
Shenzhen, 518054 Guangdong
People's Republic of China

TEL:  +86-0755-8629-0735
FAX:  +86-0755-8629-0125


■Mitani Shoji Electronic Material(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

Room 12C, No.2, Lane 600
Peakway Tower, Tianshan Road,
Changning, 200051 Shanghai,
People's Republic of China

TEL:  +86-021-5206-3630
FAX:  +86-021-5206-3631


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