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Our Quality policy


  1. Quality is a foundation stone of the company to maintain its trust and keep it competitive.
  2. We take a look from the viewpoint of customer and think at the standing point of customer.
  3. We make it a habit to think always "as if I were the customer".
  4. We make radical reform of quality of the company to enhance international competitiveness. For that purpose, we define our business, our customers and our "Products" as follows.


Our business is to propose to customer how to solve their problems associated with nonferrous metal materials, its surface treatment and other processing to respond to their ever-changing wants and needs.  


Our customers are enterprises who produce electronic/electric/mechanical parts, automotive parts, heat-exchanger, etc which need metallic material and its processing (stamping, press, bending, joining, surface treatment and thermal treatment, etc.)

Technical proposals

Customer satisfaction for us is to help customer to enhance competitiveness. For that purpose, we select a partner who is able to maximize customer satisfaction concerning quality, cost, delivery, service and environment and submit to them multiple proposals for solution. Partner to be selected has to have strong will and ability to provide us stably and constantly with materials, surface treatment &/or other processing. Technical proposal is an important core of our business.

Our "Products"

Our Products inclusively consist of the following individual jobs

  1. Planning conception
  2. Presentation
  3. Proposal and quotation
  4. Contract
  5. Placing order, expediting delivery and management of inventory
  6. Inspection and storage of incoming cargo
  7. Shipment
  8. Quality assurance
  9. Creating mechanism for customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction

Plan and concept

  1. To read current trend of market and to determine business field and customer to be targeted by us.
  2. To study and understand accurately what the customer will do to address change of the market.
  3. To select partner and product to satisfy the customer more than anybody else or anything else.


  1. Presentation is an effective way to give to customer clear understanding what we can do for them.
  2. In the course of presentation, we can deepen communication with the customer and can get some outline of their interest, problems, challenges, wants and needs. That is the purpose of presentation.

Technical proposals

  1. Purpose of technical proposal is to propose how to solve problems which the customer has.
  2. Customer does not know cost of our product. Cost and lead time are known by manufacturer of the product and no one else. The manufacturer knows how to reduce the cost and lead time. We try to build Win-Win structure to encourage the partner to reduce cost and shorten lead time.
  3. Price discount without cost down makes profit of our partner worse. Shortening of lead time without improving production process makes their cash flow worse. We encourage them to reduce cost and shorten lead time for their own benefit. Our basic stance is to target 20 to 50% cost reduction and share its fruit with the customer and themselves.
  4. Technical proposal of us covers total cost-down of customer, including improvement of productivity, reduction of failure cost and transportation cost of the customer as well as our production cost.
  5. It also covers proposal to upgrade value of product of the customer.


  1. Contract means an agreement between the parties, either verbally or in written form. Contract is concluded at the time when customer accepts our offer or we accept their firm bid or counter offer.
  2. Contract note is a document to confirm content of the agreement made verbally.

Placing order, Expediting delivery and Inventory management

  1. The purpose of expediting delivery and inventory management is to minimize quantity of inventory of customer, of our partner and of ourselves.
  2. It is inevitable in this age of great change to shorten lead time and keep commitment of delivery time. Our mission is to have our partner understand that.

Quality assurance

  1. Quality required for product is the one which has been mutually agreed upon between the parties and can be assured for stable supply in future. That quality can maintain our trust and competitive edge.
  2. Assurance is to create mechanism to enable us to supply the quality stably. We create a mechanism for quality assurance and select partner who is able to achieve the quality agreed upon.

Creating mechanism of customer satisfaction

  1. Customer satisfaction is achieved by employee who works willingly, cordially and carefully. Therefore, we judge personal interest, competence & ability of each employee, give him optimum job & role and have him feel pleasure in working and in contributing to society through his job.
  2. "Our salary is paid from the profit through our business and the profit is available as a price for customer satisfaction achieved by us. Customer satisfaction is a foundation to continue our business and protect livelihood of the employees. We always think how we can satisfy our customer and make action to achieve customer satisfaction." We have every employee understand this point.
  3. We check if customer is satisfied with us. We try to discover their dissatisfaction and take immediate corrective action and preventive measures.
  4. Complaint on quality is typical example of customer dissatisfaction. We respond to the complaint quickly and build up system for corrective action, analysis of cause and preventive measures.

May 30, 2011
Mitani Shoji Co, Ltd
Keiichi Mitani, President

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