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Non-Japanese Manufacturer

We deal in materials made in Europe, Korea, China, ASEAN, etc.
Before proposing manufacturer to customer, we make it a rule to survey factory of the manufacturer to check how they implement their quality management system. After the Agreement has been signed between the customer and us, we make plant survey at an appropriate interval to check if the quality and process agreed upon are surely implemented at site.

We support local procurement of non-ferrous metal, plating and other processing in China and ASEAN.

We deal in local materials, local stamping, local plating & other processing in China.

Examples of manufacturers we can propose to you.

  • Wieland-Werke AG
    (Germany, Shanghai & Shenzhen)
  • Wieland Metals Singapore
  • Poongsan
    (Korea, Shanghai, Dongguan & Shenzhen)
  • Anhui Xinke New Materials Co.,Ltd
  • Chinalco Shanghai Copper Co.,Ltd
  • Chinalco Luoyang Copper Co.,Ltd
    (Luoyang, Dongguan, Suzhou)
  • Guangzhou Copper Factory Co.,Ltd
  • Nimbo Copper
  • First Copper Technology Co.,Ltd

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