Clad metal

Clad metal is a material that can satisfy need of customer as much as possible. We can utilize inherent properties of each metal of which the clad consists and can expand design possibility by considering combination of various metals.
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Clad for brazing

New featuring material having stainless as a base material. Oxygen free copper is clad either on one or both sides. (copper / stainless / copper).

Thermostat metal

Thermostat metal is made of more than 2 kind of metals with different coefficient of thermal expansion and the metals are bonded to each other by cold rolling process.
It has features to curve by change of temperature change. Besides, it can transform thermal energy to mechanical moving. Under the correct usage of the material, it shows semi-permanent reproducibility. The clad made of two kinds of metals are usually called bi-metal; three kids are tri-metal. Main application is in various fields as home appliance such as color TV, refrigerator, rice cooker, electric blankets, electromagnetic switch, breakers, etc.

Clad for semiconductor substrate

Its thermal expansion coefficient is similar to that of silicon wafer & ceramics and has excellent performance in thermal conductivity and workability.
CIC (copper/invar/copper) clad

Clad for conductive spring

It is a combination of spring materials and was developed to respond to the requirements in application which single metal cannot achieve. Clad between stainless steel and copper, phosphor bronze, titanium copper alloy, beryllium copper alloy, nickel silver, etc.

Clad for capacitor

It is a newly developed material for case of electrical double layer capacitor.
Clad between aluminum and stainless steel.

Clad for button battery

It has been developed for cathode case of silver oxide battery (copper / stainless steel / nickel, copper /stainless)

Clad for general conductor

It is a combined material by copper on one side or both side of iron which has better electrical conductivity of copper and mechanical strength of iron.

Aluminum stripe clad

High-quality partial clad to be used as lead base material of Cer-DIP IC

Aluminum multilayer clad

Clad material with various functions such as brazing, structural and corrosion-proof.
Tri-metal or multilayer clad is available.
Mainly used for radiator of automobile.

Precious metal clad

Cladding precious such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium with copper, copper alloy, phosphor bronze, beryllium and nickel silver can provide the clad with a function of electrical contact as well.
One-side, stripe, multilayer inlay, etc. are also available.

Type and shape of clad

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