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Aluminum materials

Alloy designations

@ A B C
A 1050 P H14

@First "A" shows aluminum and aluminum alloy

AThe next 4 digits show alloy number. The first digit represents main additive element which is classified as below.

1 Pure aluminum
2 Al-Cu alloy
3 Al-Mn alloy
4 Al-Si alloy
5 Al-Mg alloy
6 Al-Mg-Si alloy
7 Al-Zn-Mg alloy
8 Other aluminum alloy

The second digit shows kinds of aluminum alloy.
0 means basic alloy and 1 to 9 means improved alloy and their derivatives. Only in case of pure aluminum, 0 shows that there is no special regulation on impurities and 1 to 9 shows that there is some special regulation on 1 or more kinds of impurities.
The third and forth digits in case of pure aluminum reveal the minimum percentage of aluminum.

BDesignation showing shape

P Plate, strip, circular disc
PC Clad sheet
H Foil
BE Extruded rod
BD Drawn rod
W Wire
TE Extruded tube
TD Drawn tube
TW Welded tube
S Extrusion
FD Casted & forged product
FH Open-die forged product
PB Extruded conductor
SB Extruded conductor

CDesignation showing temper grade

F As fabricated
O Full soft (annealed)
H Strain hardened (cold worked) with or without thermal treatment
W Solution heat treated only.
T Heat treated to produce stable tempers excluding F, O and H.
T1 Cooled from hot working and naturally aged (at room temperature)
T2 Cooled from hot working, cold-worked, and naturally aged
T3 Solution heat treated and cold worked
T4 Solution heat treated and naturally aged
T5 Cooled from hot working and artificially aged (at elevated temperature)
T6 Solution heat treated and artificially aged
T7 Solution heat treated and stabilized
T8 Solution heat treated, cold worked, and artificially aged
T9 Solution heat treated, artificially aged, and cold worked
T10 Cooled from hot working, cold-worked, and artificially aged

Extruded Aluminum

From planning to development

Design of extrusion mold -> product -> cut -> bending -> welding -> surface treatment and coating
Surface treatment: buffing, hair-line, chemical polishing, dyeing, anodizing, shot blast, etc.
Coating: Urethane coating, fluorinate coating, ceramic coating, etc.

Proposal for shape of product (for product which is hard to be extruded)
Proposal for cost down in welding
Proposal for bending of extruded aluminum
Proposal for local production in overseas
Proposal for working of aluminum

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