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To our esteemed customers

The world has greatly changed since the cold war structure collapsed in 1991. China and India having a huge population have been rapidly growing and Japan has been decreasing its population since 2007. The country of Japan is not blessed with mining resources. The residents of the country have been trying to make up for such a handicap by their unique sensitivity and diligence. However, Japan is going to face a testing time. We have no way to survive but changing ourselves to keep up with such big changes in circumstances.

However, at the time of changing, it is not so difficult to live in ways we like. It is said that our ancestors are those who crossed an ocean to the islands from various places more than 30,000 years ago. That journey must be risky one at that time. I think we have succeeded their DNA that forms the characters of Japanese such as intellectual curiosity and spirit of adventure. This nation has been learning from and respecting other cultures. Only those who admit different values can play very important roles in the world in which what they call "Clash of civilization" is occurred.

Our company does not have any production facility and we are completely independent from other companies. Therefore, we are in a position to concentrate ourselves into all trials to maximize customer satisfaction. Our mission is to propose to customer solution of their challenges or problems. Our sales point is to propose to customer the following items; (1) Method of joining nonferrous metal and other materials, (2) Supply of nonferrous metal, stamping & plating, (3) Supply of nonferrous metals and parts made by local makers, (4) Supply of nonferrous metals and plating by European makers having quite different concept from ours, (5) Valuable technology or product.

We are surely convinced that our desire to solve problem for customer is stronger than anyone else. We will cultivate ability for solving problem and for developing new products by learning from customer. You are kindly requested to give us difficult challenges or problems to be solved.

Keiichi Mitani, President

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